Dog Fashion Blog Has Launched!

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It’s finally here!Elena Volnova Dog Fashion

Dog Fashion’s blog is live and we are excited to start sharing with dog parents. Some of you already know who we are while others are about to become Dog Fashion insiders.

Dog Fashion is a New York City-based company committed to providing Quality Life for Dogs. Our first product line, Dog Fashion Spa, was launched in June 2013 after two years of research and product development. Now you can visit to discover a whole new approach to your dog’s personal care.

Of course we’d love it if you tried Dog Fashion Spa for yourselves, but the goal of launching this blog is so much more than that. We are building upon a vibrant, passionate community of dog lovers; sharing ideas, helping one another, and striving to provide each and every dog with a happy, healthy, and quality lifestyle. The launch of this blog is not only a milestone for the Dog Fashion Spa brand, but also the beginning of a new chapter of my journey and my commitment to educate dog parents about increasing happiness, well-being, and living a meaningful life. 

You will find four sections on our blog: dog photography, news, dog talk, and pawsitive living.

Dog Photography

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent hours at a dog park and even more hours sifting through hundreds of photos to find the perfect shot – totally worth it! Photography and nature go hand in hand: dogs cannot express themselves in words, but one photograph can tell an entire tale. If you would like your dog to become a Dog Fashion model, please email us pictures and your dog’s story to We truly believe that every single dog is beautiful and we invite you to become involved in our Every Dog is a Model Tuesdays by visiting our Facebook page.


Dog parents who follow Dog Fashion Spa activities will find updates and pictures here. Finally, there is one place to find out and share what’s happening within the DFspa world!

Dog Talk

We love dogs. Period. So we do the research. There are tons of brilliant and creative ideas out there for dog parents, but not all of them are safe or approved by veterinarians and pet health experts. Dog Talk brings you knowledge, tips, advice, and information from respected and credible professionals, covering topics from personal care, training, nutrition, and our favorite products to responsible dog parenting. In the next couple of months we will learn the importance of eye health and daily eye cleaning from holistic veterinarian Dr. Patrick Mahaney and why we should use positive reinforcement in training from amazing certified dog trainer Darin Seller. Our editor Bariann Browne will dive into the discussions and controversy surrounding newcomer DogTV, testing and reviewing with her own dogs and sharing the best practices for this popular product.

Pawsitive Living

Last but not least, we will have a special section on our blog dedicated to pawsitive living. What is pawsitive living? In short, pawsitive living is positive psychology for dog parents. We believe dogs contribute tremendously to our well-being so we will explore topics from positive emotions and gratitude to the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I am fortunate to have a master’s degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and the entire Dog Fashion team is dedicated to helping dog parents live happier, more fulfilled lives through learning and building positive relationships with their pets.

We cannot wait to introduce DFspa insiders to the extraordinary individuals whose work impacts so many lives. We will share the amazing story of Caroline Miller and her dogged determination to conquer an eating disorder. You will read heartbreaking stories of Holocaust survivors from Susan Bulanda’s book, the pets they left behind, and the resilience of their love. Become inspired, and prepare to explore your strengths with us as we show you how you can use them as a dog parent.


We hope to exceed your expectations and encourage and look forward to your thoughts, questions, and discussions, as well as your own experiences.

THANK YOU for reading and welcome to the Dog Fashion blog!

With love and kindness,

Elena Volnova

CEO, Dog Fashion


For guest blog post submissions, please email to

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