Are You A Dog Mom?

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Mother’s Day is coming up and I would love to touch on the subject of being a Dog Mom.

i-love-my-dogThis post is not to create a controversy and a debate between “real” moms and dog moms but rather to explore the unique role of being a dog parent, specifically a dog mom.

I have been observing women I know who do not have kids and their relationships with their dogs. They really do treat their dogs as kids. I have to admit when I get a dog I will totally do the same. It takes one to see one. You can argue that women who have not experienced being a parent are filling a void by parenting a pet. There is probably some truth to that, however, it is not the only reason Dog Moms exist. The majority of Dog Fashion Spa customers are 40+ women who do not have kids or whose kids have already grown up and often left the house. Surprisingly, these empty nesters are even crazier about their pets than women who never had kids. How would you explain that? I am interested to hear your thoughts…

bulldog-love-bulldogsMeanwhile I am reading about different breeds to figure our my furry child. Soon I will celebrate Mother’s Day and proudly say, “I am a Dog Mom!”


Don’t let anybody question you as a Dog Mom. Happy upcoming Mother’s Day.


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