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  • Having Been Asked Whether To Get A Dog

  •   Having Been Asked Whether To Get A Dog, by Sean Doyle  From Dog Fashion: This guest blog post is by our deer friend Sean Doyle. Read more about Sean and his amazing work in the bottom of this page.           A good friend of mine recently asked whether he should get a dog. Relatives and well-wishers were all[...]
  • Are You A Dog Mom?

  •   Mother's Day is coming up and I would love to touch on the subject of being a Dog Mom. This post is not to create a controversy and a debate between "real" moms and dog moms but rather to explore the unique role of being a dog parent, specifically a dog mom. I have been observing women I know who do not[...]
  • Pint It To Win It: Shower Your Dog With Love Contest

  •   Do You Believe Your Dog Deserves The Best Products? Then What Are Your Waiting For? Only two days are left to enter Shower Your Pet With Love Pin It To Win It Contest, a collaboration between Dog Fashion Spa and PetHub! What an amazing opportunity to win your favorite dog grooming products and Pe[...]
  • We Have a Dream

  •   Every year Martin Luther King's day reminds us of our own dreams and inspirations and the importance of perseverance and believing that we can make a difference.  If you ask Dog Fashion Spa team about our dream, you will hear it clear: WE DREAM THAT ALL DOG PARENTS WILL SUPPORT QUALITY LIFE FOR DOGS AND[...]
  • Would You Like Your Dog To Be A Model?

  •   We at Dog Fashion believe every dog is beautiful! If you would like your dog to be featured on Dog Fashion Spa Facebook page and other social media, please email your dog's story and pictures in high resolution to Call us at 917.775.9090 if you have any questions!   [...]
  • Dog Pawdicures: How To Color Dog Nails

  •   We are often asked questions about Dog Fashion Spa nail polish. Many dog parents would like to learn why and how to color dog nails. Here are our tips and suggestions, just in time for Halloween. Pawdicures are a fun, bonding experience. Dogs with colored nail bring a smile on everybody's face and surely m[...]
  • Canine Eyes: What Dog Parents Need To Know

  •   by Dr. Patrick Mahaney Some say the eyes are the window into a pet or person’s soul. It is our responsibility as dog parents to clean around their eyes daily to keep them beautiful and healthy. As our companion animals share the same environment we do, they are equally prone to the negative effects of environmen[...]
  • Doggie Dining: Never Eat Alone Again?

  • Dog-friendly dining is coming to a city near you. More and more restaurants have been opening their doors to man's best friend and even designing menus for canine palettes. Are you ready to bring your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant? Dog trainer Darin Sellers has the following tips on enjoying a night out and a n[...]
  • Faithful Friends: Pet Stories From Holocaust Survivors

  •   We came across Susan Bulanda’s book by accident and thought it was brilliant. The Holocaust stories we hear are horrifying but they are rarely about pets. Susan’s work gives us an amazing insight into what pet owners had to live through and reminds us to give hugs to our animals in appreciation of their love.[...]
  • Dog Fashion Blog Has Launched!

  •   It's finally here! Dog Fashion’s blog is live and we are excited to start sharing with dog parents. Some of you already know who we are while others are about to become Dog Fashion insiders. Dog Fashion is a New York City-based company committed to providing Quality Life for Dogs. Our first product line[...]
  • PUP-kin Zone In Central Park - Saturday, October 26th

  •   Come join us in Central Park on Saturday, October 26, at the PUPKin Zone  Pumpkin Fest is New York City's annual celebration of the fall harvest in Central Park.  On October 26, 2013 from 11 AM to 3 PM, Central Park will be turned into a display of free activities that represent autumn has arrived - pu[...]

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