FIFA World Cup 2014 Fever: Soccer Dogs

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photo credit: depositphoto/kanate

We are known for our passion to develop products that provide Quality Life for Dogs, which is our company motto. However, only those close to us know about Dog Fashion Spa’s passion for SOCCER.

Needless to say, FIFA World Cup in Brazil is like Christmas time for us.

While we are working very hard, this month you can feel FIFA in the air…

Great doberman dog with ball on white background

© deposit photos/gsdonlin

♥ Everybody had to fill in their predictions for game eliminations and the ultimate winner of FIFA World Cup 2014

♥ Dominick is wearing his soccer uniform all the time. True story.

♥ Andre was caught screaming at the TV. And this was only game one.

♥ Social media content is dominated by game winner predictions and soccer dogs

How about you, guys?

What’s your favorite FIFA World Cup team?

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and tell us your predictions for each game!

Here is a sneak peak of Dog Fashion Spa soccer dogs, Dominick’s creation.

Olay! Olay! Olay!

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