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  • Dog Fashion Spa & PetHub: I Need a Spa Day!

  •   Dog Fashion Spa is so excited to partner with our friend  PetHub for the holidays! Did you know that One in every three pets will go missing at some point in their life? Less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats that go missing will ever return home? PetHub founder Tom Arnold wanted to do something[...]
  • Dog Fashion Spa JOY Holiday Contest

  •   To celebrate this upcoming season of joy, love, and giving, we have a special photo contest for all our dog parents! All you have to do is follow these easy steps for a chance to win a DFspa gift of your choice and a one-year subscription to Cesar's Way magazine! 1. Get your hands on the Nov-Dec issue [...]
  • Dog Perfume: Hot Gift for Dogs This Holiday Season

  • Tune in at Fox5 News on Monday, November 11th, for a feature story about hot new gift for dogs - doggy perfume. Find out why Fox News reporters are fascinated by the new trend to make dogs smell good. The episode about dog perfume will feature Dog Fashion Spa co-founders Elena Volnova and Domenico Ponti and [...]
  • Dog is Good: The BOLO Project

  • The DFspa team is excited to introduce you to The BOLO Project! A California-based lifestyle company geared toward dog-lovers, Dog is Good launched BOLO in September 2013. The BOLO Project is a year long fundraiser to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind by providing the resources for Leader Dogs to raise a future le[...]
  • Furry Valentines

  •   This Valentine's day as I am waiting for a new dog to come to my life I keep asking dog parents a question: "Why do you love your dog?" I don't think we are being mindful enough about why we love our pets. It's just so obvious that we do love them that we forget to savor these incredible relationships. So [...]

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