Dog Fashion Spa at The Salty Paw NYC

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Dog Fashion Spa team had a blast at The Salty Paw party in NYC on Tuesday!

pet-store-salty-paw-nycOnce again The Salty Paw showed how much they care about their customers and their dogs. The pet store event attendees enjoyed great food, conversations, and cool Manhattan crowd of dog parents.

This Manhattan pet store was almost destroyed by Hurricane Sandy but the owner and the store staff showed resilience and re-built it! The Salty Paw is famous for their merchandise selection, great shopping experience, and outstanding dog grooming!

Did you know that Isaac Mizrahi partnered with the team of groomers from the Salty Paw to dye poodles for his 2011 Fashion Show to match his collection?

If you live in lower Manhattan, don’t miss an opportunity to check out this pet boutique and their grooming services!

It was a pleasure to talk to pet parents about their babies and demonstrate Dog Fashion Spa personal care products for dogs. We cannot wait to hear your comments about Dog Fashion Spa products from your goody bag! Post

Special Thank You to Amanda and Janet for giving us an opportunity to hang out with their loyal customers.

Check out these pictures! Who said Manhattan people are cold?!

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dog-human-bond-at-pet-store bulldog-love-bulldogsyorkiemen-dog-owners               frenchie-bulldogdog-joymen-and-dogsi-love-my-dogpet-parent-dog-loverwhat-breed-is-for-menpet-store-event-dog-fashion-spapatient-dog-pet-storehappy-dog-parent             salty-paw-pet-store-new-york

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