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  • FIFA World Cup 2014 Fever: Soccer Dogs

  •   We are known for our passion to develop products that provide Quality Life for Dogs, which is our company motto. However, only those close to us know about Dog Fashion Spa's passion for SOCCER. Needless to say, FIFA World Cup in Brazil is like Christmas time for us. While we are working very hard, [...]
  • Are You A Dog Mom?

  •   Mother's Day is coming up and I would love to touch on the subject of being a Dog Mom. This post is not to create a controversy and a debate between "real" moms and dog moms but rather to explore the unique role of being a dog parent, specifically a dog mom. I have been observing women I know who do not[...]
  • We Have a Dream

  •   Every year Martin Luther King's day reminds us of our own dreams and inspirations and the importance of perseverance and believing that we can make a difference.  If you ask Dog Fashion Spa team about our dream, you will hear it clear: WE DREAM THAT ALL DOG PARENTS WILL SUPPORT QUALITY LIFE FOR DOGS AND[...]
  • Dog Pawdicures: How To Color Dog Nails

  •   We are often asked questions about Dog Fashion Spa nail polish. Many dog parents would like to learn why and how to color dog nails. Here are our tips and suggestions, just in time for Halloween. Pawdicures are a fun, bonding experience. Dogs with colored nail bring a smile on everybody's face and surely m[...]
  • Doggie Dining: Never Eat Alone Again?

  • Dog-friendly dining is coming to a city near you. More and more restaurants have been opening their doors to man's best friend and even designing menus for canine palettes. Are you ready to bring your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant? Dog trainer Darin Sellers has the following tips on enjoying a night out and a n[...]
  • November: FREE Paw Brush with DFspa Purchase!

  • FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE FOR DOG PARENTS FROM DOG FASHION SPA! From November 5th through November 23rd, every purchase of Dog Fashion Spa products from the Dog Fashion Spa online store and our online partners will include a FREE paw brush! Dog Fashion Spa super soft brush for paws exfoliates dead skin skills a[...]
  • Dog Fashion Blog Has Launched!

  •   It's finally here! Dog Fashion’s blog is live and we are excited to start sharing with dog parents. Some of you already know who we are while others are about to become Dog Fashion insiders. Dog Fashion is a New York City-based company committed to providing Quality Life for Dogs. Our first product line[...]
  • Thanksgiving Special for Dog Parents: OUR THANKS TO YOU

  • Thanksgiving is such a special time of the year... It's the time we reconnect with friends and family. It's the time we remind ourselves to be grateful. We at Dog Fashion feel very fortunate and grateful for the support dog parents, pet business, and press showed for our brand Dog Fashion Spa. The line was offic[...]
  • And the Winners Are...

  •   Dog Fashion Spa is excited to announce the winners of our JOY Contest! Both winners and DFspa staff pick will receive Dog Fashion Spa signature shampoo and conditioner. The two winners will also receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Cesar's Way magazine. THANK YOU ALL who submitted their p[...]
  • Dog Fashion Spa & PetHub: I Need a Spa Day!

  •   Dog Fashion Spa is so excited to partner with our friend  PetHub for the holidays! Did you know that One in every three pets will go missing at some point in their life? Less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats that go missing will ever return home? PetHub founder Tom Arnold wanted to do something[...]

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