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  • Having Been Asked Whether To Get A Dog

  •   Having Been Asked Whether To Get A Dog, by Sean Doyle  From Dog Fashion: This guest blog post is by our deer friend Sean Doyle. Read more about Sean and his amazing work in the bottom of this page.           A good friend of mine recently asked whether he should get a dog. Relatives and well-wishers were all[...]

  •   WHAT DOGS CAN TEACH US ABOUT CREATING HABITS To have an excellent life, strive for an excellent year. Within that year, strive for an excellent month, and within that month, strive for an excellent day. Within the day, strive for an excellent hour. An excellent life is the sum of many excellent moments! God’s Litt[...]

  •   Amy Cox who wrote this in May 2011 after the Joplin, Missouri, tornado, when more than 150 people were killed. This was her response to a local posting on a Yahoo group from the small town in Mexico where Amy lived part time, San Miguel de Allende.  Someone had posted about helping the needy animals, and this[...]
  • Six Reasons Your Dog Makes You Healthier

  • By Marie-Josée Shaar When my sister and I were kids, Melanie had more talent than I did in just about everything – except maybe perseverance, because with her ability level, she really didn’t need that much perseverance (no worries, I don’t have a complex, she just had an easier time than most). She was such a fast [...]
  • JJ The American Street Dog

  • By Diane Rose- Solomon I didn’t set out to be an author, much less a children’s book author. It just happened. I’ve had this story in me for years that needed to be told and it came out one day…on paper. When I looked up from the stream of consciousness that made the words into sentences, I realized that I had writt[...]
  • Dogged Determination

  • I have met Caroline Miller through MAPP program at UPENN and fell in love with her work. Thank you, Caroline, for your books and coaching work that help thousands of people every year. Your dogged determination is awe-inspiring! By Caroline Miller Every afternoon at 5pm my 13 ½ year old Standard Schnauzer, Spla[...]
  • Dog Fashion Blog Has Launched!

  •   It's finally here! Dog Fashion’s blog is live and we are excited to start sharing with dog parents. Some of you already know who we are while others are about to become Dog Fashion insiders. Dog Fashion is a New York City-based company committed to providing Quality Life for Dogs. Our first product line[...]

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